Is your lack of confidence and judgement on yourself holding you back in your relationship? 

Do you have blocks from your past that you haven’t healed and cleared?


Do you find yourself settling in relationships and avoiding rocking the boat because you're afraid of being alone?

Do you believe that relationships are hard work and like it'll never be the way you'd hoped?

Are you stuck in the masculine hustle and feel super busy, like you never have time for yourself?

Do you struggle to be vulnerable and ask for help because “you’re a strong independent woman!!”?


Do you often feel insecure and struggle to accept and love your body?

Does taking time for self-care practices feel exhausting, time consuming, and burdensome?

Do you treat your man like a king and downplay your own needs?

Do you wish you could surrender to your man and feel like a queen both in and out of the bedroom?

Are there parts of you that are hidden that you wish you could express confidently? 

Here's the thing:

Intimacy is the sacred vehicle that allows us to create deep and loving connection within ourselves and with others.

By creating intimacy within ourselves, we are able to feel into our emotions, connect with our body and understand our needs and desires from the heart.

From this place we can truly attract and receive the love and relationship of our dreams.

I believe we all deserve to be fully expressed and to feel whole. 
I believe we can all have the relationships we truly desire. 
I wholeheartedly believe in the power of intimacy.

It starts with allowing yourself to heal and release the parts of you that don't feel worthy of deep intimacy, love and connection. 


Your 8 Week Group Coaching Program to help you build more intimacy and connection within so you can attract the LOVE & RELATIONSHIPS you truly desire.


Using the exact strategies I teach my private clients and have used myself, this 8-week program includes everything you need to go from being insecure, frustrated, and disconnected within yourself and your relationships to radiating confidence, experiencing joy daily and attracting the love you deserve. 

This program is for the woman who…

  • Feels ‘stuck’ in her life and knows she wants more for herself but isn't sure how to get there.

  • Finds it hard to say no and speak up for needs, which makes her feel frustrated and resentful.

  • Is stuck in a cycle of self-sabotage and procrastination even though she wants to be different.

  • Has read the books and listened to the podcasts but wants more guidance and support to create REAL change.

  • Wants to feel confident and sexy in her body and no longer stress about her size.

  • Wants to understand her menstrual cycle so she can work with it and help her partner understand it. 

  • Wants to feel free and happy in who she is and no longer settle for anything less than AMAZING.

  • Wants to be vulnerable and tapped into her feminine essence so that she can forgive her past and be her most true and expressed version of herself 

  • Wants to attract a masculine and conscious man that respects, honours and takes care of her.

  • Is wanting to improve her relationship both in and out of the bedroom so consistently feels love, pleasure and excitement.

  • Wants to build her self-trust so she can surrender to all of life's pleasures with ease and flow. 

  • Is ready to to shift her money mindset so that she can travel, stay in luxurious hotels, shop outside of the sale items and spoil her loved ones without any fear or guilt.

  • She is ready to take off the mask, embrace who she truly is and finally feel ALIVE and turned on by life. 

  • 8 video modules that cover all that is listed in the module description below. 

  • 8 weekly high-vibe and transformational 90-minute Q&A group calls

  • A Facebook group for all the connection, support, daily high-vibes, juicy goodness, resources, challenges and more

  • Meditation tracks to expand, reprogram and enlighten your mind for more abundance, love and light.

  • A recording of all the content so that you have life-long access to this work

  • Homework for between the weekly coaching calls to integrate this work on a deeper level 

  • Journal prompts 

  • BONUS: Self-Love Kickstarter Video Series.

  • BONUS: Intro to Intimacy Video Series.


Spots are VERY limited as I want to keep this a super intimate group (see what I did there), so if you are feeling called, I invite you to click and apply now. 

Throughout my journey with Lauren so far, the growth I've had is incredible and not something I could've done without a coach. I have developed self-trust perhaps for the first time on this earth. The true self-love I now feel is something that has lead to me experiencing real self-worth and improved my confidence in all areas of my life. My life feels so different. I have gone from feeling fearful and unsure most days to truly super confident and at peace with the beautiful human I am. I am excited to say I have just re-signed with Lauren for further coaching. 


Lauren has helped me completely change my life. I have healed parts of me that I didn't even know I needed to be healed. Before working with Lauren I was so scared and insecure in my relationship. I constantly worried what everyone thought of me and I never even wanted to leave my house without make-up and perfect hair. I also didn't like my body and hated looking in the mirror. I now LOVE my body for all it is and I am so confident in my relationship, my boyfriend loves it. I am so glad I found Lauren. She helped me to connect more with the feminine parts of me and do practices that made me feel really beautiful and free. If you are sitting on the fence, just do it. You won't regret it.


I could say the same thing every single week but I feel sooo damn blessed & grateful that our paths crossed! You have given me all the hope & reassurance I need to turn my life around!! You miss Lauren are TRULY amazing, an absolute gift & I will remain eternally grateful for having met you, your influence, leadership & it's profound effect on my life xx

What we'll cover in our 8 weeks together…

We will be setting some heart- centred and powerful intentions for the program and diving straight into building your emotional intimacy. This is where we will discuss the foundation for all this work, how to have a healthy relationship with all your #feels.



This week we will be exploring the difference between the masculine and feminine and how the two energies can work beautifully together when we shift our beliefs about them. We will also bust negative beliefs about each energy type so you can identify where your energetic home is outside of societal and parental conditioning. 


In this module we will be exploring the feminine archetypes within us (a fancy way for saying 'parts of us'). It is here that we'll identify each archetype, their role in our lives + how to bring each archetype to life so you can be completely embodying your divine feminine essence. This is where you will embody your most fierce, sexy and confident self. 


What if you understood your body and cycle so well and you knew exactly what to give it so you can tap into that divine feminine power within you. Well you can. This week we will build upon week 1 and identify how to connect with your cycle and work with it so 'that time of month' can be a beautiful experience instead of a #drainer. Plus, a big part of this module will be how we can use our knowledge of our cycle to communicate our needs and experience of our cycle with our intimate partner. 


Being open to attracting, giving and receiving love starts with you and your beliefs about yourself. This week is all about shifting beliefs about your lovability in relationships and resigning from the role you had to play to get love from others when you were younger. Instead, you will stand in your power and release attachment to other people so the only person who determines your worth, is you. 


Knowing what we do about emotional intimacy from module 1, we will now look at how this looks within romantic relationships + how you can create a safe space for healthy and open communication. I'll teach you how to show up in the relationship so that your man can step into his masculine. This will allow you to truly feel honoured, loved, cared for and as a result, you can soften, surrender and have a more intimate and deep connection together both inside and outside the bedroom.


Have you ever felt like you lose who you are in relationships? Like you become a new person, all about your man and you forget what your core values and standards are as you are clouded by prince charming and his charisma? Well this week I'm going to help you get super clear on your values and how to protect these with the standards you live out daily so it becomes second nature to you while staying grounded and true to yourself. 


We will identify how you can use your divine feminine guidance to determine if a man is right for you and exactly how you want to receive love moving forward. Your feelings of worthiness are consistent throughout every area of your life so if you don't feel worthy in one area of your life, it'll translate to all reas of your life. Therefore, I will be sharing my exact steps for shifting beliefs that no longer serve you so you can attract the life and love you are so damn ready for! 


Q: Is this just for woman in relationships? 

A: Nope, it's for both women in relationships and women currently single! This is all about YOU understanding and embodying your own pleasure and learning how to bring this forward into current and/or future relationships.

Q: Is this program live?

A: There are 8 video modules that are pre-recorded and 8 weekly LIVE Q&A calls so you get all the support, coaching, love and juicy goodness as you ask your questions and hear from other women in the group. Plus you’ll get recordings of all the calls to keep forever so you can go back and re-do the course again. 

Q: Can any woman do it? 

A: This program is by application or private invite only. I keep the groups small so they are super intimate and filled with women who are ready to support each other and create change. After your application is reviewed, Lauren will chat with you to be sure you are a good match for the program. 

Q: How do I join?!
A: Glad you’re so excited! Firstly click the apply now button below, I will contact you if your successful, you will then make the payment and you’re in!


Q: Are you offering a payment plan?

A: YES! I love payment plans. You can discuss this with Lauren if your application is successful. 

Q: What age do I have to be? 

A: 18+.